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Who I Am


I am Elizabeth Cruz (she/her), 

a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Texas.

I earned a Master of Science degree (M.S.) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from

the University of North Texas, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.)

in Psychology from Texas State University.

I am EMDR Trained.

License Number # 83034

Me: About

Growing up, mental health wasn’t talked about in my family and community.​

As I tried to make sense of the world around me, there seemed to be a lot of rules that didn't make sense. I started to ask myself a lot of questions.

How could we be such complex beings
yet be given a “one size fits all” way of thinking?
Who decides what a life worth living should look like?
Why do we have to follow such rigid rules for how to live, love,
and exist in the world?

There were endless questions without answers. 
That's because there isn't a “one size fits all" answer
for how to exist in the world... 
nor should there be. ​

I make the counseling process flexible and adaptable for each client.
Whether you want to explore your past, present, or future,
my counseling style is a collaborative approach where your needs 
shape our sessions and your goals. 

Therapy can be an incredibly rewarding experience, 
but it's not always easy or comfortable.
Together, we will go at your pace.
You get to decide the best use of our time together. 
When you work with me, I want you to feel like you belong
exactly where and as you are.

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